Drone Survey, 3D Mapping, Aerial Inspections

We combine state of the art drones with automated mapping and photogrammetry software to produce accurate and up to date aerial maps, 3D models for land and building surveys. The data we capture enables you to view 2D Orthomosaics which are overlaid onto google earth, DSM’s (Digital surface models), 3D mesh and point cloud. Data and images are delivered in an easy to access format and can be used for tracking and monitoring construction progress, building or roof inspections, planning applications or marketing.

Click here and here to see examples.

Construction Progress Monitoring 360 Image and Video Inspection

Image and video data reports help track a project’s progress and can be matched seamlessly to your digital floor plans. Our reports are carried out in 360 image or 360 video format at regular intervals for progress tracking or key stages during the construction process. Our reports can be easily shared with your team stakeholders or clients.

To see example videos click here and here.

Construction Time Lapse

Depending on your needs, we can record short or long term time-lapse by collecting thousands of high quality still images from a range of cameras and drones. These images are then edited and processed to create a high-resolution video. This is ideal for construction progress monitoring and marketing purposes.

To see an example of our time-lapse work click here.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography provides a unique bird's eye view of a scene, whether that's an area, property, or subject. It showcases the main focal point of the image, such as a property for sale or a business’s physical location, while also highlighting the surrounding area. To capture high resolution images we use DJI Equipment that includes Mavic 3, Mavic Air 2S, Phantom 4 V2 and Mavic Mini 2.

360 Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours enable you to get a 360-degree view of a property or space. We create interactive virtual tours, which can have data or video links embedded. Our property virtual tours can include 3D models and floor plans for easy navigation. A perfect solution for marketing property and land or used as a tool to inspect a building or monitor construction progress.

To see examples of our tours click here and here.

3D Interactive Virtualisations

Through our affiliate program with revvis we offer 3D interactive virtualisations. revvis is a ground-breaking simulation software application employing the latest 3d technology, enabling users to explore and interact with the development from the earliest stages of the development cycle. You can explore a virtual property freely, whilst applying different, materials and drop in furniture from real supplier's stores. revvis is the perfect tool for engaging buyers quicker and earlier than ever before.

To see an example of our interactive virtualisations click here.

Property Video

Video is a powerful marketing tool and perfect for the sale of a property or land. We offer a range of video solutions including aerial filming. Our drones are equipped with gimbal mounted cameras for smooth footage and are able to record up to a resolution of 5.1k. We also use a wide variety of other media to create video including, still images, CGIs, virtual tours and 3D visualisations.

To see examples of our property videos click here and here.

Virtual Staging

A virtually staged room enables buyers to visualize themselves in the home. 90% of buyers look online and you only have a few moments to catch a buyer's interest. We can virtually stage any image including stills, CGI renders or 360 images for a virtual tour.

To see examples of our virtual staging click here and here.

Floor Plans and 3D Models

We offer a range of floor plans and 3D models and our 2D and 3D floor plans are available as furnished or unfurnished. Our floor plans and 3D models can be adapted to your requirements and are ideal for marketing purposes or used for construction progress monitoring with embedded images, video and data.

To see examples of our floor plans and 3D models click here and here.

Property Cinematic Video Tours

Our Video Tours provide a cinematic feel to any property making them stand out in a way that photos can’t do alone. Fully edited by a professional post-production team, with a bespoke soundtrack added, creates a stunning film that can be easily shared across social media platforms and property portals.

Property Photography

We combine 30 years of property marketing experience with cutting edge technology and a professional editing team to create quality high-quality enticing photos.

Drone Photography & Filming

Often combined with our cinematic video tours and photography, amazing quality aerial filming and photo can add a dynamic dimension to your marketing. Using the latest GPS enabled multi-rotor UAV drone quadcopters which carry cameras using the best gyro-stabilised gimbals, we can produce smooth HD 4K video and 20 megapixel still images. All our pilots have Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) “Permission for Commercial Operations” PfCO, which means we are a licensed commercial operator of UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) of drones in the U.K.

Accurate Floor Plans

Our floor plans are generated using laser and advanced photogrammetry to give clear and accurate plans of each room.